O?Berry v. Turner, Nos. 7-15-CV-00064-HL, 7:15:CV-00075-HL, 2016 WL 1700403 (M.D. Ga. Apr. 27, 2016)

Key Insight: Where custodian printed single paper copy of relevant driver?s log and PeopleNet data to be maintained in the usual course of business, did nothing more upon receipt of a request for preservation and ultimately misplaced the envelope in which the information was maintained despite claiming to have done ?everything in his power to preserve evidence,? the court found that Defendant filed to take reasonable steps to preserve the data and acted with the intent to deprive Plaintiffs of the information in litigation, reasoning that it was ?simply irresponsible? to print a single paper copy for preservation and noting Defendant?s lack of a document preservation policy and the failure of counsel to contact the at-issue custodian for approximately two and one half years following receipt of the request to preserve, among other things: ?All of these facts, when considered together, lead the Court to conclude that the loss of the at-issue ESI was beyond the result of mere negligence. Such irresponsible and shiftless behavior can only lead to one conclusion?that ADM and Archer Daniel Midlands Company acted with the intent to deprive ??

Nature of Case: Automobile accident

Electronic Data Involved: Driver’s log, PeopleNet data

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