e-DAT Practice Group Partner and Solutions Analyst to Attend ILTACON Annual Conference 2023

Rachel Tausend, a partner of the K&L Gates e-Discovery Analysis & Technology (“e-DAT”) Group and the firm’s Seattle office, and Krysta Slavik, an e-DAT Group Solutions Analyst based in Pittsburgh, will attend the ILTACON Annual Conference 2023, which begins this Sunday.. Both Rachel and Krysta will participate in panel discussions at the conference, which features a wealth of programs, educational content, and networking opportunities for the legal leaders, managers, professionals, and technologists in attendance.

On Monday, Rachel will participate in a panel discussion entitled “Is DAT it? Document Production in 2023.” Below is a brief description of this panel.

Several years ago, there was buzz in the eDiscovery community about changing the default mode of production. Suggestions included all-native or a movement to the EDRM XML standard. Yet, the most commonly used formats for production still continue to cater to decades-old legacy applications. How did we get to this point? Are we stuck? Has anyone in the world (literally) found a production format that makes sense?

Join a panel of production experts to discuss how we ended up here, production practices around the world, and where we might be heading next.

On Thursday, Krysta will participate in a panel discussion entitled “Revolutionizing e-Discovery Again?: Harnessing the Power of Portable Active Learning Models.” Below is a brief description of this panel.

Continuous Active Learning (CAL) revolutionized the review of large data sets, but up until now, the benefits were case dependent – once the model was applied to the documents in a case, it was never used again. Newly available portable models allow for the re-use of a CAL model in a different case with a completely different set of records. Initial use cases include quickly identifying privileged records and records involved in investigations (such as those showing insider trading or a toxic workplace). This session will discuss the value of portable models for different types of cases, and whether they can help (or hinder!) adoption of active learning. We’ll also consider practical and ethical issues to bear in mind when developing a portable model of your own.

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