In Case You Missed It! Discovery of Social Media: Legal and Practical Considerations

Presenters: Desiree F. Moore, Daniel R. Miller, Ivan L. Ascott, & Bree Kelly

On July 16, 2015, a panel of attorneys from K&L Gates presented a webinar discussion addressing the discoverability and admissibility of social media content.  Topics discussed included:

  • the discoverability standards applied by courts with regard to social media content;
  • the likely effects of the anticipated amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure on such standards;
  • the relevance of the federal Stored Communications Act to discovery of information on social media;
  • the issues involved in preserving, collecting, searching, reviewing, and producing information from social media; and
  • the considerations pertinent to admission of social media content as evidence.

To download the presentation slides or to view and listen to the webinar, click here.

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