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What the judges think: e-discovery practices and trends

What the judges think: e-discovery practices and trends

by Daniel Miller and Tina Miller

This article was originally published in the Lawyers Journal, The Journal of the Allegheny County Bar Association, April 3, 2015.

A recent survey of leading federal jurists indicates that many attorneys need to improve their knowledge and practices regarding e-discovery.

The “Federal Judges Survey on e-discovery Best Practices and Trends,” commissioned by the e-discovery software firm Exterro, reflects responses from 22 federal district and magistrate judges, including the Western District of Pennsylvania’s Chief Judge Joy Flowers Conti, Judge Nora Barry Fischer and Magistrate Judge Lisa Pupo Lenihan.

The judges were asked 15 multiple-choice questions covering a number of e-discovery topics. Despite the numerous and varied e-discovery seminars and training sessions currently available to practitioners, the survey results indicate that many attorneys still lack e-discovery competency. In particular, the judges complained about two main problems – a lack of knowledge about their clients’ e-discovery environment and a lack of cooperation between opposing parties and attorneys.

To read the full article, click here. Reprinted with permission from the Lawyers Journal.

To access the Federal Judges Survey on e-Discovery Best Practices and Trends, click here.

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