Archive: April 18, 2011

The Sedona Conference® Publishes “Database Principles”

The Sedona Conference® Publishes “Database Principles”

In its most recent publication (available now in its Public Comment Version) the Sedona Conference takes on another difficult issue of e-discovery:  the preservation and production of databases and database information.  The publication, The Sedona Conference® Database Principles: Addressing the Preservation & Production of Databases and Database Information in Civil Litigation, is intended to “provide practical guidance and recommendations to both requesting and producing parties” and to “simplify discovery in civil actions involving databases and information derived from databases.”  In furtherance of those goals, the publication includes an informative introduction to the issue of preserving and producing database information, a discussion of the application of some of the existing Sedona Principles, and a discussion of the six new Database Principles and their practical application.  The six new Database Principles are:

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