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Nebraska Recodifies Civil Rules

Nebraska Recodifies Civil Rules

According to a Revisor’s note:

The former Nebraska Discovery Rules for All Civil Cases have been renumbered in the revised Nebraska Court Rules as Chapter 6, Article 3, Nebraska Court Rules of Discovery in Civil Cases. Thus, former rule 26 is now Neb. Ct. R. Disc. § 6-326, etc., with the last two numbers of the newly renumbered sections corresponding to the former rule.

This affects recent amendments to former rules 33, 34, and 34A, addressing e-discovery issues. Those rules are now known as follows:

§ 6-333     Interrogatories to Parties
§ 6-334     Production of documents, electronically stored information, and things and
                   entry upon land for inspection and other purposes
§ 6-334A  Discovery from a nonparty without a deposition

Effective July 18, 2008

For a current list of all states that have enacted special e-discovery rules, see our updated post here.

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