The Sedona Guidelines, September 2005

The Sedona Guidelines: Best Practice Guidelines & Commentary for Managing Information & Records in the Electronic Age is now available for download. This document, the second published by The Sedona Conference Working Group Series, addresses “questions related to the management of electronic information in organizations as a result of business, statutory, regulatory and legal needs. The subject of information management and record retention is of critical importance in the digital age and the subject of many treatises and publications, yet the members and participants of the Working Group believed there was a need to distill existing thoughts and, in doing so, reach across the boundaries of legal compliance, records management and information technology.” To view and download the complete report, click here.

One Comment

  • This is an excellent publication containing many helpful suggestions for handling electronic discovery. However, I wish it contained samples of the documents that it recommends companies have – such as written legal hold policy/procedures and checklists outlining the steps associated with legal holds. Does anyone have any such sample documents they are willing to share? Thanks.

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