Electronic Discovery Institute Article – “The New e-Discovery Wild West: Slack, Teams, Zoom, and Other Collaboration Technologies”

The pandemic has spawned many new and exciting innovations, but many of those innovations have also created new risks.  One such risk — and often a very material one — is that employees working at home have created a new “Wild West” of e-discovery and data storage, where pandemic pioneers working in their homestead offices may have inadvertently escaped the well-controlled data storage environment in place in their workplace.

Members of our e-Discovery Analysis & Technology (“e-DAT”) practice group, including Julie Anne Halter (Partner and e-DAT Practice Group Co-Chair), Kelli Fiesta (Lead e-DAT Senior Staff Lawyer), Mike Goodfried (e-DAT Senior Staff Lawyer), Sheila Phillips (e-DAT Senior Staff Lawyer), Gina Marie (e-DAT Staff Lawyer), Sean Selin (e-DAT Staff Lawyer), and Clinton Field (e-DAT Team Lead), wrote an article published by the Electronic Discovery Institute (“EDI”) regarding this new “Wild West” of e-discovery and data storage. This article, which offers some points to consider for managing risks in this new “Wild West,” can be accessed at the link below to EDI’s publications. (Please note that a (free) EDI account is required to access these publications.)

The particular article authored by our e-DAT team can also be accessed directly using the link below.

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