Maker’s Mark Distiller, Inc. v. Spalding Grp., Inc. (W.D. Ky. 2021)

Key Insight: The litigation was over a licensing agreement regarding the use of trademarks owned by Plaintiff on cigars. Plaintiff filed a Motion(s) for a Protective Order and to Compel. The Protective Order sought would to preclude deposition testimony regarding functionality. The Motion to Compel sought to compel Defendant to utilize a new search protocol to find requested information (and documents) and produce financial records.

Plaintiff’s Motion for a Protective Order was granted; its Motion to Compel was partially granted, requiring Defendant to produce financial records, and but denied insofar as it sought to compel Defendant to utilize new search terms to search for documents. Unreasonable delay by Plaintiff in raising the issue(s) of the new search terms and/or purportedly missing documents was a significant factor in the Court’s partial denial of Plaintiff’s Motion.

Nature of Case: Trademark Infringement

Electronic Data Involved: Financial Records, Electronic Documents

Case Summary

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