Steward Health Care Sys. LLC v. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, No. 15-272, 2016 WL 8716426 (E.D. Pa. Nov. 4, 2016)

Key Insight: Third party objected to Subpoena to produce documents alleging undue burden and significant expense and refused to comply without a cost-shifting order. The Court consequently granted the requesting party?s motion to compel and the third party was ordered to produce all responsive documents by the ?most reasonable and practical method it can procure.? Following production, the third party then sought $30,603.55 in expenses. The Court?s two-prong analysis examined the expenses as to whether they were both reasonable and significant. The Court did not award attorneys? fees because the privilege and confidentiality review was a benefit only to the third party. Partial vendor costs were awarded, namely the amount it would have been had the third party used the vendor suggested by the requesting party and some additional miscellaneous costs were awarded. The Court found a total of $4,072 were expenses that resulted from compliance with the Subpoena and did qualify as ?significant expenses.?

Nature of Case: Antitrust and tort

Electronic Data Involved: Gmail

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