Family Wireless #1, LLC v. Auto. Techs., Inc., No. 3:15CV01310(JCH), 2016 WL 2930887 (D. Conn. May 19, 2016)

Key Insight: Court granted in part Plaintiffs’ motion to compel discovery from additional custodians (the parties had previously agreed to seven in total) where Plaintiff showed good cause to compel such searching upon establishing two custodians? involvement with a relevant committee and another?s regular contact with the franchisees and the issues in this case and where the court reasoned (among other things) that: ?The mere fact that many documents have already been produced is not sufficient to establish that there are no other relevant materials to be found.? and that ?It is reasonable to believe that discussions and transmissions of potentially relevant information could transpire below the highest echelon of management; indeed, as defendant acknowledged, some of the lower-level employees had direct communication with the franchisees regarding commissions.?

Nature of Case: Breach of contract, misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, and unfair trade practices

Electronic Data Involved: ESI from additional custodians (“plaintiffs argue that the custodians should not be limited to decision-makers” and that lower level employees may also have relevant information)

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