Browder v. Albuquerque, No. CIV 13-0599 RB/KBM, 2016 WL 3946801 (D.N.M. July 20, 2016)

Key Insight: Where relevant video was lost as a result of mistakes made by representatives of the defendant who were attempting to pull and preserve the video from the recording system for the first time and where CDs with the footage ?vanished,? the court reasoned that the errors were symptoms of a ?larger problem: an inadequate information management and evidence retention policy? (a point it relied on significantly in its discussion of culpability) and also found that the plaintiff was prejudiced and imposed sanctions allowing Plaintiff to present evidence that the video existed and was lost through negligence and indicated that if Defendant attempted to elicit testimony from a deputy regarding what he saw on the video (that was viewed by several of defendant?s representatives before it was lost), the jury would be instructed to make any inference they believed was appropriate; the court also ordered Defendant to pay Plaintiff?s expenses and fees incurred in bringing the motion

Nature of Case: Traffic accident involving a police officer

Electronic Data Involved: Video footage

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