S.E.C. v. CKB168 Holdings, Ltd., No. 13-CV-5584 (RRM), 2015 WL 4872553 (E.D.N.Y. Jan. 7, 2015)

Key Insight: Rejecting defendants? explanation that their failure to preserve was the result of a vendor?s refusal to continue assistance for the reason of non-payment, the court found that defendants? had a duty to preserve the information stored on the corporate server that began ?well before the vendor stopped providing services? and reasoned that it was defendants? obligation to ?take ?all necessary steps to guarantee that relevant data was both preserved and produced,?? and also found that defendants were ?at a minimum grossly negligent? for failing to preserve relevant evidence where there was no evidence of efforts to preserve a readable copy of the corporate server nor evidence that they sought modification of the freeze on their assets in able to make payments to the vendor; magistrate judge recommended sanction of an adverse inference

Nature of Case: Securities and Exchange Commission investigation (SEC)

Electronic Data Involved: Contents of corporate server / “back office data”

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