Grove City Veterinary Serv. LLC v. Charter Practices Int?l, LLC, No. 3:13-cv-02276-AC, 2015 WL 4937393 (D. Or. Aug. 18, 2015)

Key Insight: Where Plaintiff had a ?continuing business relationship? with Defendant despite the pending litigation and Defendant hosted Plaintiff?s emails on its servers, court rejected Plaintiff?s claim that Defendant?s changes to the email-archiving system resulted in a loss of Plaintiff?s emails where Plaintiff could provide no evidence of Defendant?s alleged access to Plaintiff?s emails and where Defendant credibly posited that Plaintiff had accidentally ?dragged and dropped? the missing email folders into the ?Notes? tab of the archived mailbox (where the emails were ultimately located); court also declined to impose sanctions for Defendant?s initial refusal to assist Plaintiff to locate the emails (that it had requested) where it had no duty to do so, and where despite that lack of duty, it nonetheless ultimately made a good faith, but unsuccessful, search effort; Defendant?s litigation hold on Plaintiff?s email account to retain copies of messages that anyone attempted to delete did not warrant sanctions, despite Plaintiff?s claim that the hold was ?worse than spoliation? because ?unlike evidence unlawfully destroyed by a party, evidence placed in a litigation hold is still available to the party implementing the litigation hold?

Nature of Case: Breach of contract

Electronic Data Involved: Emails

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