Mayor of Baltimore v. Unisys Corp., No. JKB 12-614, 2013 WL 4833841 (D. Md. Sep. 10, 2013)

Key Insight: Court denied city’s motion for spoliation sanctions, without prejudice, in light of the evidence offered by Unisys that an unadulterated copy of the pre-litigation version of the software still existed; court ordered parties to meet and confer in person to address the issues the city had encountered with the software and reconstructng the testing environment, attempt to resolve defendant’s work product and attorney client privilege claims, and prepare a joint report to the court summarizing the meet and confer

Nature of Case: Breach of contract, breach of express warranties, and intentional misrepresentation claims relating to the development of a tax software system

Electronic Data Involved: Pre-litigation version of the tax software, interim software files, source code

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