Ameritox, Ltd. v. Millennium Labs., Inc., No. 8:11-cv-00775-T-24 TBM, 2013 WL 5656064 (M.D. Tenn. Oct. 17, 2013)

Key Insight: Court denied defendant’s motion to quash subpoena that sought documents, deposition transcripts and exhibits from third-party that related to defendant and that were produced by defendant in third-party’s now-settled litigation with defendant because defendant failed to comply with local rule requiring submission of a joint written statement of the matters at issue in the discovery dispute; court further noted there was nothing in the record that the target of the subpoena objected to producing the requested documents, and defendant cited no local or procedural rule which prohibited the plaintiff from subpoenaing the information from the third-party before or after plaintiff requested it from defendant

Nature of Case: Motion to quash subpoena issued by plaintiff in case pending in the Middle District of Florida, listing Nashville, Tenn. as the place of production

Electronic Data Involved: Documents, deposition transcripts and exhibits produced by defendant in other, now-settled litigation

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