In re Subpoena to Creeden & Assocs., No. 12C 5573, 2012 WL 4580841 (N.D. Ill. Sept. 28, 2012)

Key Insight: Addressing plaintiff?s motion to enforce a subpoena, the court focused on the issue of the burden to the third party and granted plaintiff?s motion as to the requests for production with some limitations and also conducted an 8-part cost shifting analysis which resulted in the court?s order that plaintiff was to bear 60 of the third party?s ?staff research and production costs? and 30 of the third party?s ?legal costs?; court indicated that the ?lower legal percentage [was] a reflection of what the Court believe[d] was [the third-party?s] recalcitrance to meaningfully participate in legal negotiations concerning discovery thus far? and that ?[t]he lower legal fee-shifting amount is also an attempt to get [the third party] to object only to those points it really cares about?

Nature of Case: Antitrust


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