United States v. Hock Chee Koo, No. 09-321-(2,3)-KI, 2011 WL 777965 (D. Or. Mar. 1, 2011)

Key Insight: Where a computer analyst made a backup image of certain files on defendant?s computer and returned the laptop to defendant?s employer, who proceeded to look through the files, etc. before supplying the backup image and the laptop to the FBI, and where the FBI then made an image of the backup image and an image of the entire laptop, the court held that the image of the backup image, reflecting some of the contents of the laptop before the employer looked through the laptop?s files, could be admitted as proof of what the FBI obtained from the employer AND as evidence of some of the contents of the laptop (the backup image did not include the entire contents of the laptop); court held that FBI?s image of the whole laptop (taken after the employer had looked through the files, etc. and thus changed metadata, etc.) could be admitted as evidence of what was obtained by the FBI from the employer, but cold not be offered to prove the contents of the laptop while in defendant?s possession

Nature of Case: Theft of trade secrets

Electronic Data Involved: Backup image and image of contents of laptop

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