People v. Saibu, D054980, 2011 WL 73314 (Cal. Ct. App. 2011)

Key Insight: Where trial court admitted enhanced digital photos despite prosecution?s failure to disclose that the photograph had been enhanced, or how , but offered defendant an opportunity to remedy the prejudice and locate an opposing expert, appellate court found no abuse of discretion; appellate court found no error in trial court?s failure to require a Kelly hearing with respect to the enhancement techniques where it was ?questionable? whether the Photoshop program used could be considered a scientific technique and where the expert testified that he had been using Photoshop since for 8 years, that it was ?widely available? and ?considered an essential tool? and where an appellate court in Washington had previously determined that the enhancement of latent prints with Photoshop was ?generally accepted in the relevant scientific community?; foundation was properly laid for admission of photos where expert testified as to how they were created and where ?other witnesses? testified that the surveillance video (from which still photos were taken) accurately depicted the events they had witnessed

Nature of Case: Robbery, murder

Electronic Data Involved: Enhanced digital photo

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