Clean Harbors Envtl. Servs., Inc. v. ESIS, Inc., No. 09 C 3789, 2011 WL 1897213 (N.D. Ill. May 17, 2011)

Key Insight: Where plaintiff sought reimbursement of the costs of producing ESI from backup tapes but did not seek judicial intervention to narrow the requests prior to production, court considered eight factors and ruled that plaintiff and defendants should split the costs; the eight factors considered were: 1) the likelihood of discovering critical information; 2) the availability of such information from other sources; 3) the amount in controversy as compared to the total cost of production; 4) the parties’ resources as compared to the total cost of production; 5) the relative ability of each party to control costs and its incentive to do so; 6) the importance of the issues at stake in the litigation; 7) the importance of the requested discovery in resolving the issues at stake in the litigation; and 8) the relative benefits to the parties of obtaining the information.

Nature of Case: Legal malpractice

Electronic Data Involved: ESI on backup tapes

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