Upcoming Events

Social Media Law (Sponsored by Law Seminars International)

September 8-9
Renaissance Seattle Hotel
Seattle, WA

During this two-day event, K&L Gates Partner Todd Nunn will participate in the presentation of “The Next New Hot Button Issue: Site Operator Responsibilities Arising from Use of Social Media as a Tool for Solving Street and Other Traditional Crimes,” a discussion of how law enforcement has moved beyond looking for criminal behavior in social media sites to using social medial as a tool for tracking down conventional criminals, and site operator responsibilities for preserving evidence.  Specifically, Todd will discuss obligations to avoid spoliation of evidence and the implications for data retention policies and user rights and preparing your staff to respond appropriately to subpoenas.

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eDiscovery for Oil and Gas (IQPC)

September 26-27
The Omni Houston Galleria Hotel
Houston, TX

K&L Gates Partner Todd Nunn will kick off this conference by leading the first Breakfast Workshop entitled “E-Discovery Case Law Developments and the Realities of an EPA Investigation” on Monday morning (September 26th), starting at 7AM.  Participants in this workshop will learn about the latest case law; what documents should be retained at all stages of an investigation; what, if any limits there are to e-discovery requirements in government investigations; and the latest strategies to overcome today’s e-discovery document retention challenges.  This workshop may be booked separately, if desired.

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