United States v. Knowles, 623 F.3d 381 (6th Cir. 2010)

Key Insight: Where, ?in order to admit physical evidence, the possibility of misidentification or alteration must be ?eliminated, not absolutely, but as a matter of reasonably probability?? and where the authenticity of the DVD showed at trial (which was a copy of a copy of the original videotape) was supported in various ways, including the testimony of a witness who had viewed the content of all copies of the DVD and original tape that the content was the same, the testimony of the agent responsible for creating the copy used in the courtroom, and testimony from other witnesses that the content of the tape depicted actual events, the court determined that the trial court did not err by admitting the DVD into evidence and affirmed defendant?s conviction

Nature of Case: Sexual exploitation of minor

Electronic Data Involved: DVD admitted into evidence

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