California Assembly Approves “Electronic Discovery Act,” Sends Bill to Senate

On March 12, 2009 California’s Assembly took steps toward the legislature’s approval of proposed amendments to California’s Code of Civil Procedure to include rules governing the discovery of electronically stored information, by approving House Assembly Bill 5 and sending the bill to the Senate for its approval.  The bill was then introduced in the Senate and has been sent to committee for hearings.

This is the second time California has considered such amendments.  On September 27, 2008, the original bill was vetoed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for budgetary reasons.  House Assembly Bill 5 is virtually identical to the vetoed bill and was introduced to the Assembly by Assembly Member Noreen Evans on December 1, 2008.

To read the full text of Assembly Bill 5, click here.
To view the history of Assembly Bill 5, click here.

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