To “Expedite the Flow of Discovery and Facilitate Prompt Resolution of Disputes”, Court Adopts Proposed Order Governing Electronic Discovery

Star, Inc. v. QFA Royalties LLC, No. 07-cv-02223-WYD-CBS (D. Colo. Filed Oct. 10, 2007)

In this case, the court granted an unopposed motion of the defendant to enter an order governing electronic discovery.  The proposed order adopted by the court was intended to “expedite the flow of discovery material and facilitate prompt resolution of disputes over production of electronic materials…”  Included in the order was a provision requiring each party to identify an “e-discovery liaison” through whom all discovery requests and responses would be made as well as provisions providing instruction regarding search methodology, timing of discovery, format of production, privilege review, document retention and costs.

A copy of the motion and proposed order is available here.

A copy of the court’s order is available here.

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