The Biggest Data Disaster Ever

From The Red Tape Chronicles, Posted:  Friday, November 30 at 05:15 am CT by Bob Sullivan:

"It’s being called the worst data leak of the information age.  Earlier this month, U.K. officials had to admit they’d lost hard drives containing personal information on almost half the country’s population, including nearly all families with children.  If that’s not bad enough, the databases included the worst kind of information to lose — consumer bank account numbers.

It’s a data scandal fit for tabloids.  The price tag put on the loss is already $500 million.  Prime Minister Gordon Brown had to issue a public apology, and the head of Britain’s Revenue and Customs office was forced to resign.  The U.S. audience might have missed the initial news because the story broke during the Thanksgiving holiday.  But the obvious question floating across the Pond is this:  Could something that dramatic happen in the United States?

Yes, most experts say.  And the consequences here would be even worse."

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