2007 Cohasset ARMA AIIM Electronic Records Management Survey Results Released

From Cohasset:  "The survey’s conclusions are based on data compiled from more than 1600 respondents in 2007 and a total of more than 5500 in the survey’s four prior years – 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2005.

Five major conclusions :

1. Most organizations have serious operational shortfalls regarding the processes by which they manage electronic records, one of their most important assets. The findings of Cohasset’s earlier surveys continue to be verified in this regard.

2. This year’s results confirm that some core deficiencies in records management program components have begun to be addressed – but the overall effectiveness of the programs with regard to life cycle management of electronic records remains bleak.

3. Evidence of "silos" of expertise persists; much greater awareness of risks and opportunities from the "C Level" down is needed. Traditional communications barriers must be broken down between stakeholders and a new commitment to collaboration around recordkeeping requirements and retention management must take place.

4. The number and magnitude of organizational and operational problems reflected in the survey findings collectively represent stunning business risks. Senior management must consider these risks unacceptable to have and untenable to continue.

5. The integration of electronic records into the organization’s records management program should be a priority, and electronic records control gaps should be the focus of immediate corrective action. "

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