Ret. SF Superior Court Judge Praises E-Discovery Case Database

In an email to Martha Dawson last week, Hon. Richard E. Best provided his compliments and thanks to Preston Gates for publishing and maintaining our electronic discovery case database.

“What makes [the database] even better is the accuracy and precision in which cases are summarized. The site is not only a tribute to Preston Gates but a valuable contribution to lawyers throughout the nation who are just getting up to par on this topic. It is in my opinion an example of the best attributes of our profession where lawyers help lawyers to improve the competence of the profession as a whole.”

Judge Best is a retired 29-year San Francisco Superior Court judge who is most commonly associated with law and motion hearings involving civil discovery. Today, he is a discovery consultant and private judge, as well as a commentator and frequent speaker on electronic discovery issues. His website, California Civil Discovery Law, can be found here.

On behalf of everyone at Preston Gates: thank you!

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