Audio Conference – Privilege in Peril: Judges’ perspectives on privilege problems

January 11, 2006
2-3:00pm EST

An interactive conference call with three federal magistrate judges — Hon. Paul W. Grimm [D. Md], Hon. John M. Facciola [D. D.C.] and Hon. Ronald J. Hedges [D. N.J.]– moderated by Jonathan Redgrave and presented by Pike & Fisher.

Why you should consider attending:

– Get commentary on the newest influential case on privilege from the judge who authored Hopson v. The Mayor and City Council of Baltimore

– Understand the limitations of non-waiver agreements permitting post-production assertion of privilege and how to overcome those imitations

– Learn how the Federal Rules Amendments approach to privilege relates to the law of privilege applied by particular jurisdictions

– Hear two other Magistrate Judges share their reactions to Hopson and their current approaches to privilege

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