Taking The Fear Factor Out Of E-Mail

BusinessWeek Online, December 20, 2004

Tort reform is a hot topic again. Taking advantage of the most favorable political climate in years, business lobbyists are pushing for new federal laws that would mop up the asbestos mess, cap medical malpractice damages, and help companies steer class actions out of hostile state courts.

But there’s another legal reform campaign that has attracted much less attention — yet could be more significant than any of these measures. It is Corporate America’s effort to get the Judicial Conference of the U.S. (JCU), the obscure group that makes the rules governing lawsuits, to enact special new procedures for electronic evidence. This broad category of digital information includes spreadsheets, databases, memos, letters, PowerPoint presentations — and most important, the e-mail messages that have recently plagued so many companies in court. Read the entire article at BusinessWeek Online.

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