Whitesell Corp. v. Electrolux Home Prods., Inc., NO. CV 103-50, 2016 WL 1317673 (S.D. Ga. Mar. 31, 2016)

Key Insight: Where promised emails were not produced but Defendant ultimately produced all documents relevant to the alleged spoliation, including ?preservation communications to document custodians, a list of custodians who were searched, the search terms used to conduct the search, and project documents and materials relating to such searches,? and also submitted a representative for an extensive Rule 30(b)(6) deposition, the court found Plaintiff?s request to compel production of ?every privileged document described as concerning data collection?[wa]s overly broad, unduly burdensome and ha[d] not been shown to relate to the issue at the forefront of this entire exercise?the missing Leon emails? despite acknowledging that ?otherwise privileged documents may be discoverable upon a preliminary showing of spoliation.?

Electronic Data Involved: Information related to preservation efforts, etc. where Plainitff alleged spoliation by Defendant and sought to compel production of privileged information

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